What is bed linen?

Find out what is bed linen? Modern industry – domestic and foreign manufacturers have filled the market of bed linen with a huge variety of colors, shapes, styles, and materials. So, before you choose the clothes that are appropriate to the requests, we determine for the purpose of use.

What is bed linen

The ideal option is sheets on an elastic band.

  • It is convenient because: does not slide off the mattress;
  • does not clump or get lost during sleep. In addition, there needs to be constant reinvigorate and replaces the mattress.

What are the sizes of bedding sets?

bed linen sale imageIn the world, there are many standard sizes of bed linen like children, adolescents, one and a half, double, double Euro, family or it is five subjects.

What elements are the set of bed linen?

Usually, a set of bed linen (abbreviated PBC), consists of one or more pillowcases, one or two pillowcases, one sheet. The size and number of items included in the set are determined by its standard size and is always indicated on the packaging or in the description of bed linen in the online store.

How to choose the size of the sheets on the rubber band?

On the packaging, the manufacturer indicates the size of the bed for which the product is intended. The first digit is the length of the mattress, the second is the width, and the third is the height. If only two digits are specified, it means sheets of universal size and suitable for any height of the mattress. You can also find round bed sheets today.

Sheets of fabrics

target bed linen

No one doubts the fact that healthy sleep is important depends on the quality of the sheet and on the tissue from which it was made. And if one is good, the second it can cause discomfort, and therefore you need to choose such a material that is right for you.

Smooth sliding surfaces give a feeling of coolness, which is amazingly pleasant in hot weather.

Preferring natural materials that are hygroscopic and do not create a greenhouse effect, you can be sure that your sleep will be calm and healthy.

In winter, the pile fabrics, such as flannel, rough with a rough slightly nap surface, light mara, are well suited.

Fabric Choice best bed linen

The bedding set can be made from both natural and mixed fabrics.

The main requirement for the material: it must be pleasant to the touch and hygroscopic, for example, soft as Jersey Knit Sheets. There is some classification of fabrics for bed linen by the type of raw material (cotton, linen, silk, viscose) and by the method of weaving (cambric, chintz, calico, satin).

Many people think that the inscription “calico” always means “cotton”. In fact, coarse calico weaving can have any, both natural and synthetic fabric. Pay attention to the density of the weave of the threads (the number is indicated on the package). The density of 20-30 threads per square meter is considered low.

What is bed linen? The best bedding is made from natural long-staple cotton (ideally Egyptian). Others quickly lose the richness of the colors, and “pellets” form on them after washing at high temperatures.