Best sheets for memory foam mattress – Comprehensive Guide

Many people use memory foam mattresses instead of traditional orthopedic mattresses. These kinds of mattresses have different advantages and qualities that provide real comfort and rest for your body.  For example, one of the qualities is contouring your body shape. The material easily remembers your features. But the main thing you need is to pick the right best sheets for memory foam mattress. It is really easy to do.

You have to remember just a few items choosing this product. You can read all the information down here. Make a good choice!

Best sheets for memory foam mattress: ranking

Image Product Information
1. Best Choice

King Size Sheet Set

100% Premium Brushed Microfiber Fabric
Extra Soft and breathable, Wrinkle Free
Suitable for a mattress with a depth of 16″


2. Extra Deep Pocket

Extra Deep Pocket Sheets

90 x 102 inches
Mattresses up to 18-24 inches
Microfiber, softest type


3. Ultra Soft

Sonoro Kate Sheets

102 x 90 inches
Suitable for a 16-inch mattress
Soft Microfiber 1800 Thread Count
Elastic the fitted sheet


4. Super Soft & Fit

Split King Size Sheet Set

108 x 102 inches
Mattresses up to 16 inches
Very soft, Cooling Sheets


5. Durable

DreamCare 6 Piece Deep Pocket Sheets

96 x 81 inches
100% fine brushed microfiber polyester
Soft, fully elasticized, snug fit, Deep Pocket


Last year, over $100 million was spent on memory foam mattresses. When memory foam mattresses first appeared on the market, consumers were inclined to treat them the same way they had every mattress they would had before, especially when it came to linens.

And if you have heard unhappy memory foam mattress owner complain that their beds are too hot, or that their sheets won’t stay in place, then you’ve probably been talking to someone who didn’t buy the right sheets.

The first thing you have to dwell on is the main characteristics that you need to pay attention to, choosing sheets for your mattress.

Best sheets for memory foam mattress – Buyer’s Guide

Sheets with elastic corner bands

bed sheets for memory foam mattressIt is very important point like a sheet elasticity.  So that this sheet can be stretched to a certain size of the mattress without tearing it up. If the fabric is elastic – then the probability of its strength during washing increases.

Such fabrics made from a strong and elastic material, that serves much longer.

Memory foam mattresses are frequently deeper than innerspring mattresses and unlike innerspring mattresses; memory foam mattresses also trap body heat.

In addition to good elasticity, it is essential to have rubber bands that will keep the sheets on the bed. How it works:  you reach the sheets to a certain size of the mattress and unscrew it with rubber bands.

Type of fabric bed sheets for memory foam mattress

You also have to be careful about the textiles you select.

In order to sleep with increased comfort, it is best to stop your choice on lighter fabrics such as hemp, cotton, bamboo. If you take synthetic fabrics, you will be very sweat-free during sleep.

 Silk bedding, for example, absorbs well moisture and tans retain coolness. While those two options are plush, cozy and comfortable, they will only get your sleeping hotter. 

Making your memory foam bed up with flannel or microfiber sheets, or synthetic sheets with a high proportion of petroleum-based synthetic fibers, might be cozy. Instead, a set of simple but high-quality  cotton percale or sateen sheets, because percale will be more breathable on memory foam but some people have a strong preference for sateen, that have not been heavily processed will make for a much more comfortable dream.

How big is a king size sheet

best sheets for memory foam mattressPay attention to the size of the sheets. Because you will be tossing and twisting the sheets. And in the morning wake up without a sheet.

There are two options: either buy a sheet on an elastic band, or buy, for example, satin sheets.

You can buy sheets much larger than the size of your mattress. But this option is suitable if you have the opportunity to fill the sheets directly under the mattress.

This is of course a works, but sheets on bands are the best ones. It certainly will not crawl off the mattress. And the material you can choose absolutely any, which quality you like most.

However, for those who have got a mattress topper, you might want to put that into consideration also when considering the size of the bed sheet to buy.

Also, you should consider opting for a bedspread that moves with your mattress without being too tight.

How to properly wash such sheets for memory foam mattress?

The answer to the question of what mode to wash the bedspread, and what temperature of washing bedspread will depend on what material your products. Recommendations for washing depend on type of fabric:

  • Wash sheets in the washing machine, if it is new, also has its own peculiarities. Such products should be washed only in a delicate mode, if you have a manual mode, you can install it. It is also necessary to establish a minimum speed of revs at the press to reduce the harmful mechanical impact.
  • At what temperature you should use to wash the „baby sheets“? This is a special case that requires not only a temperature of 30-45 degrees, but also the use of a special baby powder.
  • What about silk sheets, what is the washing mode? Only delicate with the addition of air conditioning.

How to dry sheets?

So, you have bedspread, at what temperature to wash that you already know. How to dry it? To do it is quite simple – you just need to follow a few simple rules below:

  1. Place the underwear: it comes into contact with the air as much as the surface area.
  2. Drying underwear is recommended outdoors or in a well-ventilated room.
  3. Do not place wet products under the sun and next to heating appliances.

Stretching & Soaking sheets

sheets for memory foam mattress

If you sleep on a mattress with memory effect, then you need to have sheets stretched. They are very comfortable and practical because they cover the entire mattress.

This is important, because you will sleep peacefully and not think that the sheets will get tangled in your feet during sleep.

Stretching sheets have hydrophilic qualities and cover whole bed. The sheet is securely fixed on the mattress, just such are necessary for mattresses with the effect of memory, for example, Jersey Knit Sheets. For you baby, you can buy a “baby sheet” on a rubber band of 60×120 and 70×140 cm. These sheets are stretchy, easy to use and absorb quite a large amount of liquid.

Soaking sheets not only protect the mattress from yellow stains, which cannot be washed, but also absorb any liquid. If you choose a sheet on a rubber band 200×200 cm, the price of the sheet will be higher, if you compare with a “baby sheet” or with a smaller sheet.

“Baby sheet” with fitted sheets for memory foam mattress

Choosing sheets on a rubber band for your baby, pay attention to natural materials and breathability. If we talk about the most important functions, it is natural materials, waterproof membrane and breathability. You can wash “baby sheets” in a washing machine with regular powder. The expiry date is up to 100 washes, which is equal to 3-4 years. The “baby sheet” will serve you efficiently and for a long time.

fitted sheets for memory foam mattress

How to keep your fitted sheet from slipping off the bed?

Good dream is the key to great mood and great appearance. But if your mattress slides, you can forget about a healthy and strong sleep. What to do if a new product causes discomfort during sleep. Is it possible to save the situation without replacing the mattress?

If during sleep, the sheet constantly slips off the mattress, it indicates that the case on it is not natural. Such fabrics are often used in the manufacture of economy-option products. Synthetic fabrics have a long lifespan and a lower price. The only and very important disadvantage is the slip of the sheet.

Many people solved this issue with the help of a cotton thin mattress, which was settled from above. You can also use laces and thighs to fix the sheet.

Experts are now proposing a more practical solution to this problem:

  • Buying a mattress with synthetic material, be sure to buy a sheet on a rubber band or a protective mattress. It will keep your bed linen and provide a comfortable and peaceful sleep throughout the night.
  • The sheet on the gum is a profitable and inexpensive solution to the problem, as well as reliably protects the mattress from contamination and penetration of pathogens.
  • There are situations when the sheets on the gum do not help. In this case, you can solve the problem with a thin mattress made of natural materials. The width of the mattress should be no more than 5 centimeters. This product should be heavy, so that during sleep there was no sliding product on the synthetic material of the mattress. Experts recommend choosing luxury products. In their manufacture use natural materials, such as cotton, knitwear and jacquard cotton, as well as polycotone.
  • It is very important that the mattress case is made of natural fabric. This provides a comfortable temperature balance and hygroscopicity. The sheet on such a surface does not slide and is not crumpled in a big ball.

In fact, there are some parameters that are really important when choosing the best sheets for memory foam mattresses and which should be considered in detail. These are items such as the color of sheets, fabric, size and type of sheet. Also, there are typical questions concerning, for example, “sliding sheets” and how to deal with it.