Best bedding for bunk beds – Ultimate Guide

From cuddly to cute, your choices are endless. So browse through our rewires best bedding for bunk beds and find the perfect design for your bed-making needs!

If you are looking for an affordable solution to a bed for your baby or young child, there is a wide array of options, and they’re all designed for the same purpose – to provide them comfort and stability at the start of a new sleep routine. There are a number of bedding options that can offer the best of both worlds, best bedding QuickZip Fitted Sheet Percale. The most comfortable sheet on a snake with a deep pocket. After a long search, we finally came across with a recommendation to use a sheet on the snake for bunk beds, which makes it very easy to put it on and use.

We are going to look at different types of bedding, as they can offer different benefits to your little one’s development, and help to ensure that your little one is happy and secure in their bed for the long term.

Check out our selection of bedding and find the right item for your bunk beds.

Best bedding for bunk beds: ranking

Image Product Information
1. Best Choice

QuickZip Fitted Sheet

100% Cotton
Easy to change with a snake
Deep Pockets (11″)


2. Resistant to folds


Luxury Microfiber, Wrinkle Fade
Soft and elastic, Hypoallergenic
Pocket depth (16″)


3. High quality

Franco Kids Bedding Super Soft

100% Microfiber
Strong and soft
Suitable for a mattress deep (10-12″)


4. The most silky

AmazonBasics Easy Care Super Soft Microfiber Kid’s

100% Polyester, Ultra-soft
Hypoaalergenic, breathing
Pocket depth (11″)


5. Breathable & Cooling Sheets

Twin Size Sheet Set

100% Premium Brushed Microfiber Fabric
Extra Soft and breathable, Wrinkle Free
Suitable for a mattress with a depth of 16″


For some, we even make your dreams come true!

Most people think the bedding for a bunk bed is the same as for a traditional bed, with a mattress and box springs or c-shaped legs, but there is a lot more to it. First, you have to consider whether the bunk bed bedding needs to be for a bunk bed or a traditional bed.

Best bedding for bunk beds: review

1. QuickZip Fitted Sheet Percale – Zippered bedding for bunk beds

QuickZip Fitted Sheet Percale
Product Information

General Impression

The most comfortable sheet on a snake with a deep pocket. This sheet has a 2-component patented sheet. Now it is not difficult to remove and wear sheets. You will come to the aid of the zipper of the quick zip. This is the best option for bunk beds when the mattress on the second floor is hard to access. The zipper is very high quality and has a tag at the end for ease of use.

The base of the sheet is very tightly adjacent to the mattress, so the sheets will hold well and you will feel comfortable

The material is 100% cotton and certified OEKO-Tex. The sheet is soft and smooth, can be washed and dried in a typewriter.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Includes 1 Fitted Sheet Base & 2 Zip-On Sheets
Has a foundation
The clasp is high-quality
Deep Pockets (11″)
Easy to shoot and dress
Convenient for bunk beds
Machine wash and drying

Not really many colors available

2. IDEAhome Jersey Knit Fitted Cot Sheet – The softest and most elastic sheet

IDEAhome Jersey Knit Fitted
Product Information

General Impression

The sheet is unusually soft, as it consists of high-quality jersey jersey jersey. It has a rather deep pocket, fits very well to the mattress and is elastic.

So it’s good for a bunk bed. Children can now change their bedclothes without difficulty. There will be no more folds on the sheet!

The knitted fabric is also breathable and hypoallergenic.

You can wash in the washing machine, but preferably in cold water, so that the material has not lost its properties.

Best Features

Pros Cons

50% cotton, 50% polyester
Suitable for bunk bed
Pocket depth (8″)
Breathing and soft
Well stretched
Machine wash and drying

A little thin material
Not suitable for very tall mattresses

3. Franco Kids Bedding Super Soft Sheet Set – The most colorful and wrinkle-resistant sheets

Franco Kids Bedding Super Soft Sheet Set
Product Information

General Impression

The sheets are very colorful and will appeal to children! After all, you can choose your favorite character from the cartoon.
The material ensures a very soft lying feeling and at the same time it remains very easy to care for and iron-free. The fine-threaded single quality of the cotton makes it very pleasant in the feel and it is also skin-friendly and has a very good breathability.

This is best bedding for bunk beds, it will appeal to your kids!

A rubber band is incorporated all around so that the raising of the bedsheet is very easy and fast from the hand. Due to the special cut in the longitudinal direction as well as the stretch effect, there are no wrinkles when winding.

The entire bed sheet is washable and suitable for drying at 60°, so that it is very easy to care for and even stubborn stains can be easily removed.
And the color does not shed, remains the same bright.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Smooth surface, no wrinkles
Colorful drawings
High quality, pleasant to the touch
Soft and elastic
The ability to easily dress on a mattress
High-quality rubber band
You can wash and dry in a washing machine
Doesn’t shed, doesn’t stretch

Thin material
The sheet may not match the stated size

4. AmazonBasics Easy Care Super Soft Microfiber – Super Soft children bedding for bunk beds

Mellanni Toddler Fitted Sheet Animal-Print
Product Information

General Impression

Very sturdy and bright sheets. Suitable for cot and bunk bed. Thanks to a high-quality rubber band, the sheets are easy to put on (especially on the second tier) and remove. It fits the mattress very well, does not move, has a pocket depth (11″).
The material is very comfortable, silky, soft, pleasant to the touch. It doesn’t create any folds, always a smooth surface.
Microfiber sheets are breathable and hypoallergenic. Machine washing in cold water is recommended. The color is not lost, the material does not shrink.

The bedsheet is 100% Brushed Microfiber, so that offers a pleasantly soft lying comfort and at the same time durable, washable and safe to use in the dryer.
It has the Eco Tex standard and sits well and smoothly on the mattress thanks to the circulating rubber band.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Very high-quality
With elastic band, it’s easy to dress
Convenient for bunk beds
Elastic surface
Soft and comfortable
Machine wash in cold water

Not exactly matching the color
Not suitable for all mattresses

5. Twin Size Sheet Set – Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets – Ultra soft and luxurious, easy bedding for bunk beds

Twin Size Sheet Set
Product Information

General Impression

These are comfortable sheets of knitwear.
It offers a very good price-performance structure, is available in many color variants, quite thick and pleasantly comfortable.

It is manufactured according to the Eco Tex Standard 100 and offers a very low allergy potential and is also very skin-friendly. Even when cleaning in a washing machine and dryer, the sheet remains stable in shape. Cleaning can be done with up to 30°, the white version up to 60°. Many now use quite high mattresses. Therefore, picking up sheets, especially for a bunk bed, you need to take into account the convenience when using a sheet. These sheets fit up to 16 inches deep, so you can easily remove and put this sheet on the second floor of the bed.

Also sheets are very soft, comfortable, they are pleasant to sleep on. And thanks to the elasticity of the material, your sheets will always be smooth, without a single fold.
These are luxurious sheets, loved by many.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Deep pocket
Very soft and comfortable
Breathing, hypoallergenic
Suitable for large mattresses
For bunk beds
Machine wash and drying
High quality

Material thin

Best bedding for bunk beds – Buyer’s Guide

Best bedding for bunk bedsThere are top performers in our test, they also offer free shipping and free returns (even if you have used them and just do not love them). In our tests, the 100% cotton fabric is smooth, strong, and pill-resistant. In addition, the fitted sheets have tabs labeled «long side» and «short side» so making the searching process is much easier.

For this review, we used a brand new sheet for each product. They are all made from 100% polyester. The sheets are comfortable, but not as comfortable as the cotton sheets. Unfortunately, they are also much more expensive. While polyester does not necessarily have the best breathability, it is softer than cotton and more absorbent. It is also very soft and durable.

If you are looking for the perfect sheets (to add a little style to your room), try out a couple of our favorite sheet sets.
The first thing I noticed about this sheet was how durable they are. It feels like you can wash it on a washing machine and it will still be good.

Bedsheets and stretching bed cloths – a real challenge for special sizes!

As with bed linen, which I will say about in more detail later in the text, there are also different materials, finishes and quality levels for bed sheets. We usually use stretch bed sheets (called stretchable fabrics), there are also non-stretchable fabrics in the range of different suppliers, which are simply undercut.

For stretchable fabrics, the Jersey Knit Sheets is probably the most widely used form. The satin is very popular with non-stretchable fabrics due to its shine and more intense colors. In addition, non-stretchable materials such as satin have the advantage that, for example, the corners of lighter mattresses are not compressed or lifted, as happens with slightly too small clamping bed sheets.

How to put bedding on a bunk bed

How to put bedding on a bunk bedIf you are also one of the “lucky ones” whose bunk bed deviates from the standard dimensions or is equipped with shared mattresses, you will face a special challenge again. The pulling bunk bed is already at normal dimensions no pleasure, because you usually only get to the mattress from one side and first have to crawl on the bed in order to drag the sheets halfway neatly over the corners.

With special sizes, it becomes even more difficult: If you cannot sew something suitable yourself, you have to somehow stuff the excess fabric of conventional sheets under the mattress parts so that they do not slip out all the time and limp in the area to hang out. Our previous strategy was to buy the sheets a number larger and then lift the mattress to smash the overhang underneath. Against slipping, we “secured” the fabric with repurposed suspenders, but this was very cumbersome and sometimes led to small cracks in the sheets.

What bedding is best for twin bunk beds

Buying a new bed dingtous is like a science. It should meet all the important features and in the end of course also fit visually into the bedroom. Nevertheless, it is worth weeding out regularly and treating yourself to a new set of sheets, pillows and duvet cover. Because of the way you pray, that’s how you sleep. In the following, we have summarized the characteristics of which you have to pay attention to when purchasing best bedding for bunk beds in a concise purchase advice.

  • Material

Silk, flannel or cotton? First of all, of course, you should decide which material the bed linen is made of and whether you want to use it as summer, winter or year-round bed linen.

  • Machine washable

Duvet covers must be washed regularly to remove mites, feces, sweat and all other deposits, thereby minimizing the risk of allergies. Therefore, when buying bed linen, not only pay attention to the design and whether it keeps warm at night, but also take into account its care characteristics.

  • Eco-Tex Standard

If bed linen is labeled with this seal, then it is officially tested for harmful substances. As you are surrounded by your bed linen for several hours each day, this point is particularly important when choosing bed linen.

  • Design

Whether bed linen in pink, linen in grey or colorfully patterned: it should please and ideally fit in the bedroom. The choice is so large that there is certainly something for every taste. It doesn’t always have to be the linens in white.

Modern kids bedding

Modern kids bedding

Sizes are different, the rule is one. Children need to buy what’s best. No one has ever come up with a better natural one.
Synthetic fabrics are categorically contraindicated because they do not let air in because they do not absorb moisture and because they accumulate static electricity at the slightest rubbing about objects or about themselves. It is inconvenient to sleep on such underwear, it is cool in cold weather, and when it is hot it slips. Of course, the advantage of synthetic fabrics is a long life, beauty, in addition, they quickly dry and do not shed at all, but by nature, the human body and its gut should not have a positive charge (free positively charged radicals should be feared).

What is the best bedding for bunk beds

best bedding for bunk bedsFor a child (especially a baby) natural cotton fabrics – a sieve, a tick or a slab – are much better suited. They are easy, they will protect the baby from temperature changes, will not slide on the bed and gather in the folds, but will be well washed and easy to iron. Cotton underwear is most pleasant to come into contact with the body.

Only natural cotton fabric, which allows air circulation, and therefore allows gentle children’s skin to breathe. This choice will help to avoid any unwanted allergic skin manifestations.

Cotton baby bedding, buying is worth another reason – it perfectly tolerates frequent washing, which means that over time will also please you and your baby with its fresh and tidy look. But cotton is not as durable as synthetics. You need to wash such sets of cotton linen at the temperature, which the manufacturer pointed to the label, if you do not want it to sit down and/or shed.

Kids character bedding

As for the choice of bed linen colors, experts’ opinions are divided here. Some stand on the fact that from the birth of the child should be surrounded by bright and colorful colors; others argue that it is better to choose calm pastel tones. Traditionally, the underwear, of course, was and will be in shades of white (or close to it beige). But doubters can proceed from the character on the child himself. If he is quiet and calm, the bright colors will not harm him. If it is hyperactive, capricious and noisy, it is better to make bed warm soft tones (i.e. stick to the traditional version).

What is the best bedding for bunk beds for toddlers?

Bedding for kids is more than just a simple piece of fabric. For your little one to become the next king or queen, he or she needs to have a secure place to sleep and a sense of security. Many parents have an ideal mattress to put their children down in. However, bedding for toddlers is much more than a simple bed.
Bedding for toddlers are made from many different materials including fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk and even fleece and velvet.

The care of bed linen

care of bed linenThe care of bed linen is sometimes quite complex with sensitive fabrics due to the usually large formats. Microfiber offers the advantage that it cannot be washed at high temperatures.

Your personal bed linen test winner may only emerge when you compare cheap bedding with high-quality branded goods. The cheapest bed linen does not necessarily have to be the best bed linen for your purposes. When you buy bed linen, the skin feeling and therefore the prerequisite for a restful sleep should be in the foreground.

How to wash bed sheets?

Clean bedding is important for health and well-being.
Like all other categories of textiles, you should wash bed linen according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. While sensitive materials such as silk can only be washed with fine detergent at low temperatures, cotton and microfiber bedlinen can easily tolerate a washing temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.
The high temperatures offer the advantage that mites and other microorganisms are reliably killed and cannot harm your health.

  • Bed linen: Which detergent is suitable?

In our bed linen comparison we advise you to use color detergent, with which you can wash the laundry hygienically clean even at 60° degrees and with which the strong colors are preserved. Of course, you can also use universal detergent, which you can put in the washing machine at 40° degrees.

  • How often should bed linen be washed/changed?

The bed is the place where we usually spend almost as much time as at work. Just as garments lose cleanliness and freshness, bed linen also causes dirt over time. For this reason, you should change your bed linen regularly. After two to three weeks it is time for the washing machine.
If you are struggling with intolerances to mites or other allergens, you should change your bed linen weekly.

  • How should bed linen be dried?

In most cases, it is possible to easily put the duvet covers and sheets in the dryer, but as a precaution, the manufacturer’s details should be checked in advance. After the drying process has been completed, take the bed linen out of the dryer and allow it to cool.

If the bed linen is dried in the fresh air, then simply pull in the form when it is moist, beat it out and then hang in a suitable place. A tip: It is best to place the bed linen turned left in the cupboard, because this saves you from turning around when you are moving.

bed linen in winter

  • Why do allergy sufferers often react so strongly to the bed linen?

During sleeping, the person separates not only sweat but also skin scales. These sheds are the food of dust mites, which therefore feel particularly comfortable in our bed linen. Many people react “allergically” to the excretions of the mites as part of a house dust allergy.

  • What best bedding for bunk beds in winter?

In the cold season, of course, you can look forward to a cuddly warm bed. During this time, fabrics such as flannel, beaver, jersey or nicky are popular, which are particularly soft and feel warm on the skin.

  • What is the bottom line?

We can recommend these sheets enough. They are not only comfortable, but durable and easy to wash. The fit and design are top-notch, which is why these are the go-to sheets of choice for anyone looking for getting into sleeping on a regular basis.
These sheets have a stretchy and lightweight cover that makes them perfect for travel.
The 100% cotton fabric is extremely comfortable and soft. Smooth surface made the bed feel like you were sleeping on a soft mattress. However, the fabric is a little short, which means the sheet might cut into your body if you are in a back or side sleep position.
You can also get one of our other top-rated sleep bedding, which feature more than one-of-a-kind design, but have a higher price tag.

Best Sleep bedding for the Average Person

These bedding offer high-quality fabric, high performance, and great customer service, but you have to spend a little extra. For this reason, you would think that they would be more popular with the less-than-satisfied.
The linen is a little more breathable and less bulky, so I would definitely recommend getting it if you plan to sleep on a soft sheet. Jersey has some stretch and is a little less breathable, so it would be more suitable for people that prefer a bit of bulk or prefer something more softly.

In this article, we provided you with the best bedding for bunk beds for young children that will fit your needs, with a focus on finding the best bedding for babies to toddler.
We discussed some of the pros and cons of this type of bedding, how they are made, and what your child is likely to love about it.