Types of bed sheets

In order for the sheets to meet all the requirements, you need to decide on some basic selection criteria types of bed sheets.

Choosing sheets it is important to pay attention to the many intricacies and parameters of these points.

The arrangement of a bed, at least for an adult, at least for a child, will be impossible without a sheet. It is covered on the mattress of the bed or the surface of the sofa and guarantees optimal hygienic and sanitary conditions for healthy sleep and rest.

The sheets are now made of different types of fabrics, with different amounts of weaving threads. Some of them perform their functions perfectly, but others can let you down in the most unexpected moment. To avoid this, you need to familiarize yourself with the composition of the fabric.

There are three main types of fabrics:

Natural Fabric

types of bed sheets material

Natural fabrics made from natural fibers are valued above all else. Therefore, thinking about what material to choose sheets, give your preference to natural fabrics. They have excellent hygienic qualities: absorb moisture well and provide optimal air circulation.

The most common fabrics from which sheets are sewn are cotton, flax and silk. Also, the density of cotton weaving emits a byaz and satin. Sheets of cotton and silk are perfect in the cold season, they are perfectly warm and very pleasant to the body. Flax and satin fabrics will help you feel cool during sleep in the heat, making you feel much more comfortable. Thinking about which to choose sheets for the winter period give your preference to terry sheets or jersey products.

The terry sheet is very functional. It can be used as a mattress, so that during sleep was warm and comfortable. If you get too cold, the terry sheets will replace the main one and will not let you flinch on cold nights. In warmer times, such a sheet can be used as a blanket or bedspread. The jersey sheets are very soft, do not fit and are well erased. Bedding from such material is often bought by children due to its softness and good insulation.

Synthetic Fabric – best types of bed sheets

types of bed sheets fabric

Synthetic fabrics based on synthetic fiber are much cheaper than natural fabrics. They are very strong and withstand a large number of washes. However, sheets of synthetics, such as polyester, very poorly pass air, absorb moisture and keep warm. Such a sheet can provoke discomfort during sleep, be unpleasant to the body and even cause skin irritation. People prone to skin inflammation and sensitive skin such sheets are not suitable.

But everyone decides who is suitable for whom, and even such sets of bed linen can be useful in the household as a spare kit. However, remember, it is not recommended to sleep on such a sheet for a long time.

Natural & Synthetic types of bed sheets fabric

different types of bed sheets

Fabrics made of synthetic and natural fibers have better properties than synthetic sheets. When weaving threads, natural fiber is twisted around synthetic. Thanks to this process, the canvas becomes softer, softens worse and performs its hygienic functions better.

But the durability of such sheets is much less than that of natural fabrics. On this principle, knitted sheets are made. The sheets of mixed fabrics look very elegant and expensive, so they can be used as a decorative element in the interior.

Tailoring types of bed sheets

Types of sheets in the way of tailoring Before picking up sheets for the family should be cut with the size and type of tailoring. Even such a simple thing as a sheet has different variations of tailoring and shapes.

The classic sizes include single sheets, half-lengths, two-bedrooms and euro standard. There are also two varieties of sheets in the way of tailoring: Classic models. Classic sheets are a simple canvas, processed at the edges.

They are good for all types of mattresses due to their versatility. Such sheets are sewed with a stock around the edges, so that it was convenient to fill them under the mattress and the ends are not knocked out. The sheets are on the rubber band. Stretch sheets are a salvation for those who constantly twirl in their sleep, and in the morning finds themselves in a heap of crumpled sheets, knocked out from under the mattress.

The sheet is stretched onto the mattress and fixed thanks to the elastic band, which does not allow the fabric to slide. But remember, to pick up the perfect sheet on the rubber band you need to know the exact size of the mattress, namely the width, length and height. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying a sheet that will not fit on your mattress, or vice versa, will be too big for him.

How to pick up the size of a sheet?

types of bed sheets for winterIn the case of bed linen with gum size is of great importance. The canvas should be perfectly matched. So, so as not to fall off the mattress, and not to form uncomfortable folds. Each mattress has its own size, and the sheets should clearly correspond to them.

The most important parameters are width and length. Thickness is just as important. If the mattress is 160 x 200 cm – it is the simplest and standard size, and the sheets to it will be easy to pick up. However, if the thickness of the mattress is more than standard, then the sheet should be purchased more, which will definitely fit the mattress and will not slide off it.

The market is available different sizes of bed linen, which meet European standards, according to which mattresses are also produced, so that the ideal sheets for them can also be bought without problems.

The types of bed sheets on the rubber band, especially in large sizes, are quite difficult to put on a large bed. Sometimes it takes two people for such an operation.

The folding of sheets with rubber bands is also a definite difficulty. However, all these inconveniences will more than reward a quiet sleep, during which nothing will stretch and gather in the folds.