Best Fleece Sheets – Complete Guide and Reviews

For those who prefer it simply and simply, the best fleece sheets is the best choice. It is light and airy like silk, but at the same time wrinkle-free and durable. In addition, the easy-care material dries very quickly even on a leash.
Fleece bed linen is perceived as particularly pleasant on the skin and at the same time this bed linen is very breathable.

While most cotton materials are made of elastin, fleece and microfiber are modern functional fabrics that are characterized by their high elasticity as well as easy-care and skin-friendly properties,  as well Cozy Fleece Comfort. The Best Breathable, Soft & Hypoallergenic. Teddy fluff, nicki and terry sheets can be made of cotton and cotton blend fabrics.

Best Fleece Sheets: ranking

Image Product Information
1. Best Choice

True North by Sleep Philosophy Micro Fleece

102 x 90 x 0.13 inches
Mattress depth up to 16 ounces
Extra soft & durable


2. High Quality

Cozy Fleece Comfort Collection

75 x 54 x 0.13 inches
Mattresses up to 16 inches
Durable winter sheets


3. Ultra Soft

Peak Performance 3M Scotchgard Micro Fleece

102 x 90 x 0.1 inches
Suitable for a 16-inch mattress


4. Super Soft & Fit

Softan Polar Fleece Bed Sheet Set

108 x 102 x 10 inches
Mattresses up to 8-15 inches
Hypoallergenic and Super Elasticized Fitted, Сomfort


5. Durable

True North by Sleep Philosophy Soloft Plush

96 x 81 x 0.5 inches
Mattresses up to 14 inches
Tight & Durable


The fleece bedding brings a lot of advantages. First of all, it is comparatively cheap to purchase and secondly it is also easy to handle, as it dries quickly after washing. Fleece bed linen is offered in a wide variety of designs and takes up little space in the closet as the fabric is relatively thin.

Best Fleece Sheets Review

1. True North by Sleep Philosophy Micro Fleece – Best Breathable, Soft & Hypoallergenic Fleece Sheets Queen

polar fleece sheets
Product Information

Best Features

Pros Cons

102 x 90 x 0.13 inches
Mattress depth up to 16 ounces
Extra soft & durable
2 sheets and 2 pillowcases in the set
Variety of Pastel colours
Extra soft & durable
Wash and drying
High-quality tailoring

Not all models fit on every mattress
Some products are not 100% cotton

2. Cozy Fleece Comfort – Best Breathable and Ultra Plush Fleece Sheets

fleece sheets full
Product Information

Best Features

Pros Cons

Mattresses up to 16 inches
Simple wash and drying
Unshrinkable after washing
Durable winter sheets
There are 2 sheets and 2 pillowcases in the set
Different colors with a pattern in a cage

Have synthetic feeling
The fabric is cheap

3. Peak Performance 3M Scotchgard Micro Fleece – Best Ultra Soft Micro Fleece Sheets

king size fleece sheets
Product Information

Soft and warm bed set of microflees. It consists of 2 sheets and 2 pillowcases.

For winter – this is the best option, it is better than a set of flannel or satin. The sheets are so soft and pleasant , so you do not want to get out of bed.

Also these sheets are very thick. Now you do not have to bask for long and use an electric blanket. And you do not have to hide in many layers when you sleep on these sheets to keep warm.

This sheet has “deep” pockets. Therefore, you can safely take it for beds with a high mattress, suitable sheets for memory foam mattress. It does not need to be pulled like the others. The mattress can reach 16 inches. Do not be afraid that it will be straightened out of the corners of the bed. You just have to put it on, fit perfectly.

Another nice feature of deep pocket fleece sheets – they do not slide out of bed, so all night you will enjoy a pleasant sleep.

Pillowcases are also wide enough to completely close the pillow. The sheets are well washed and after washing do not shrink, so you can enjoy their excellent quality.

Care: washable up to 40 degrees, suitable for drying, before use please wash, wash dark colors separately. Your collection of winter bedding can be increased by another set of microflis.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Mattress depth up to 16 inches
Easy Care
Very Soft & Warm
Tight & Durable
Do not slide
Different Patterns
Sweet Dreams & Extra Comfort
High Quality

Lack of Colors
Through time the fabric become rough

4. Softan Polar Fleece Bed Sheet Set – Best Super Fitted Fleece Sheets King

micro fleece sheets sets
Product Information

Best Features

Pros Cons

Mattresses up to 8-15 inches
Polar Fleece sheets
Better to use in the summer, too light
King Size
Easy wash and drying
Super Fitted

A top sheet is not included

5. True North by Sleep Philosophy Soloft Plush – Best Comfortable Micro Fleece Sheets Sets

full size fleece sheets
Product Information

Best Features

Pros Cons

96 x 81 x 0.5 inches
Suitable for a 14-inch mattress
There are 2 sheets and 2 pillowcases in the set
Soft & durable
Easy care
Well fixed mattress

Bad seams

Best Fleece Sheets – Buyer’s Guide

Best polar fleece sheets – pros and cons

This is a very good alternative to products made of natural materials. The fleece fabric is made of polyester, a synthetic material with a number of advantages.


  • fleece sheets king Resistance to mechanical impacts and high temperatures;
  • Keeps the color under the influence of sunlight;
  • It does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Excellent provides the necessary thermoregulation and is high strength (which is especially relevant);
  • Depreciation;
  • It is light and elastic;
  • Do not rush, do not shed and perfectly tolerate washing in the washing machine, as well as dry cleaning;
  • Not of interest to moths and microorganisms;
  • Absorb moisture, but remain dry, as the water evaporates very quickly;
  • Suitable for home, summer cottage and travel.


  • The only drawback of these sheets is the ability to accumulate static electricity, which is easily solved by rinsing with any antistatic air conditioner.

The ideal fleece is completely non-natural, as natural materials (particularly sheep’s wool) can act as allergens and impair many other properties of this fabric. Fleece made on the basis of polyester, with the help of special technologies to create lint and weaving fibers, and on their density, thickness and the method of weaving depends on the quality of fleece. Roughly speaking, it depends on whether this fleece will be used for plaid or jacket, its thickness and “fluffy”. Therefore, this tissue has many varieties, but the material itself is still synthetic.

What is the best way to maintain fleece bed linen?

New fleece bed linen should definitely be washed before first rearing. Manufacturers often specify a maximum washing temperature of 30 degrees. The usual temperatures of 40 degrees are recommended for the following washing s/he.
In order to avoid pleasant odors, the bed linen should be hung immediately after washing. It is recommended to dry the fleece bed linen in the air, because it dries best there.

fleece sheets twin

How to make fleece sheets soft again?

  • The fleece cannot be stroked! The ironing will simply “kill” your product, fleece will lose its properties and pleasant softness, as you deform the pile, and nothing will help him. Here will work the same effect, which occurs when soaking suede.
  • Additional advice on drying: it is best to do it at room temperature. Therefore, if the window is 30, it is better to hang the sheets to dry indoors.
  • If on your product of fleece there were reelcats (unfortunately, their education is inevitable), then against this, too, there is an effective way to fight. To do this, arm ourselves with a bluntrazor and “shave” problem areas. From the outside looks wild, but in fact very effective.
  • Do not use chemical stain removers or bleaches in any way, because you also run the risk of spoiling the material. As with air conditioning, aggressive substances can destroy the water-repellent ability of fleece.

If you follow these wise advice, you can be sure that your things will remain soft, pleasant to the touch and will last for a very long time.

How to wash fleece sheets?

fleece sheets softSurely many people associate this material with something warm and cozy, and it is not surprising. Fleece sheets are distinguished by unusual softness and tenderness. They are able to give people comfort and pleasure.

But fleece is not natural fiber. That is why many make mistakes during washing fleece sheets, which as a result leads to their thinning.
Like any other synthetics, fleece is not allowed to be exposed to high temperatures. It is also prohibited to be processed by industrial stain removeers and means, which include aggressive substances.

This artificial knitted fiber should be provided with proper and fleece sheets full care. Only then will it bring joy, pleasure and comfort to the house.

How to wash polyester fleece bed sheets

Generally speaking, there is the right care for each bed linen, which is usually communicated to the owner by means of a label. On this one you can find information about the washing temperature, whether a treatment in the dryer is okay and whether it can be ironed afterwards.

sheets softProper cleaning not only kills harmful bacteria, but also removes stains. Accordingly, the laundry should withstand at least 60 degrees Celsius. Especially for people with house dust allergies, it is all the more important that this prerequisite is guaranteed.

As far as the detergent is concerned, ideally the usual detergent is used here, and in the case of house dust allergy sufferers, it may be an organic detergent based on a plant. Chlorine-containing bleach must be dispensed with, as well as optical brighteners or softeners.

In order to preserve the colors during the wash, it is usually pulled to the left. It is also important to close the covers so that they do not become entangled in each other and a more even cleaning takes place.

Every now and then it is a good opportunity to wash the laundry on the right, so that possible hair or lint is removed on this side.

How to best wash fleece sheets

How is the bed linen washed? Before the first dressing, it is recommended to wash the bed linen once in general. Not only because she may still smell brand new, but there are still remnants of the paint with which she came into contact during production. Otherwise, they strain the skin, which is of course undesirable.

After washing, it should be quickly hung up for drying, or placed in the tumble dryer. Depending on the material, drying on the clothesline is more recommended; otherwise the material could be damaged in the dryer drum.

How to wash polar fleece sheets

fleece sheetsWash it properly. You can wash sheets from fleece in two ways: in the washing machine and with your hands. Both options are valid, but each has its own subtleties and nuances, which should be taken into account when processing fleece fiber.

Dry washing powders are not recommended for machine washing. Instead, you need to take liquid gels. If the fleece is washed with your hands, then in this procedure you can apply only household soap or products intended for delicate washing of children’s underwear.

How to remove the stain on the fleece sheet?

Most of the contaminants from the fleece are removed either at the first wash or by using the following methods:

  • Soak the thing in warm water with household soap, gently rub the stain and leave for half an hour. After that, just wash and rinse.
  • Now on the shelves in the stores of household chemicals there are special means to clean fleece from stains with sparing substances that restore the hygroscopic properties of the fabric.
  • If you decide to use a regular stain remover, then be prepared for the fact that the fabric will thin, become dossier and begin to roll down. In addition, do not forget that the water-repellent layer will also be destroyed, which in turn will affect the thermoregulatory properties of the fabric.
  • Just try not to create excess potential if your thing is dirty, because, as a rule, fleece easily weeds even from such stains, which for another tissue would become deadly.
  • In fact, when you buying anything from fleece, be sure to pay attention to the instructions from the manufacturer regarding the care of the product. And also, remember that fleece has many varieties and care for each of them can be different.

What to do if there are hard stains on the sheet?

Almost any contamination can be removed from this material. Dirty sheets should only be soaked in warm water with detergent for a couple of hours. As a last resort, it is allowed to use special stain removers designed for the material with the pile. Remember: the fleece should never be processed.

  • Does the material shrinked?

Bed sheets foundDo not be discouraged if after washing the fleece a little shrinked. With minor changes, the problem is very easy to solve at home. To do this, the reduced size product is re-stretched on a delicate mode, not including the push-up function. Then hang the wet sheets on the hanger and gently pull the fabric to get the required size.

You can also return the fleece with the help of plain vinegar. To do this, take it in the number of 3 art. and spread ten litres of cold water. Then, immerse the shrinked sheet in the resulting liquid for thirty minutes. After soaking, as in the previous case, you will need to stretch manually until the required size.

  • Bed sheets found? – Tips for cleaning and care

In the versatile selection, have you found suitable bed sheets for your personal needs? To make sure you enjoy them for a long time, you should consider some care tips. Stretched sheets made of fleece are suitable for drying in the tumble dryer.

If you want bed linen that you can clean in the cooking wash cycle, you should pay attention to the care instructions of the individual products. With the wide variety of colors of the sheets, you will find suitable models for your bed linen and bedroom furnishings.

You should wash sheets in bold colors separately the first time. With a color detergent, the colors are preserved in their original freshness for a long time. Convince yourself of the high quality and variety. Simply order your new sheets online!

  • How often is bed linen changed in households?

Unlike clothing, bed linen is not purchased for every season, but only on special occasions, such as a new, larger duvet or when you move into your first home.

  • Fleece bed linen for all needs

There are also differences in the fleece bedding: some prefer the fluffy surface, while others prefer the smooth fabric. Especially in the cold season, the fleece bedding leaves a warming feeling. But even with the cuddly bed dinging, a difference has to be noted.

  • Microfiber Fleece Bedding

material Bed sheets This microfiber bedding differs mainly in the type of manufacture. This is because no cotton fibers are used here, but only synthetic fibers, which are joined together by plush handles and additionally roughened.

This has two advantages: this microfiber bed linen is cheap, due to the lower production costs and the fibers are also longer-lasting compared to cotton. This usually also allows a wash at 60 degrees.

With regard to the surface, the microfiber fleece bed linen corresponds to the typical flannel, which is mostly made of cotton. Compared to the microfiber beaver bedding, the warming effect here is even greater.

How to make fleece sheets ( Micro fleece)

Micro fleece is characterized by a particularly fluffy surface and is particularly suitable for cold winter nights. Made from a polyester microfiber, this material is quick-drying and iron-free. This material should also be washed without a softener.

If you prefer a cuddly bed linen at the same time, you should opt for this type of bed linen. In general, the roughened fabric is perceived as warmer, which makes the best fleece sheets especially used as winter bed ding.

This structure has different advantages. This bed linen creates air brushes between skin and fabric, which are heated by the body. Since air is one of the best insulators, the warming effect of this type of microfiber bedding is particularly high.