Best Jersey Knit Sheets – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Nowadays Jersey knit sheets are very popular, who would think why they cause such a stir. The sheets are insanely soft, you immediately fall asleep and relax as soon as you go to bed.

This article is about how to choose best Jersey Knit Sheets correctly, how to wash sheets properly withot any damage and how to choose the softest and the strongest one at the same time, the COSMOPLUS Fitted Sheet are the best compromise. You can find tips, reviews and descriptions of the 5 best products below.

Clamping bed sheets can be made from a wide variety of materials. Nevertheless, many people prefer the bed sheets made of durable jersey, as they fully meet their requirements. This is partly due to the extremely pleasant skin feel of the material.

Best Jersey Knit Sheets: ranking

Image Product Information
1. Best Choice

AmazonBasics Heather Cotton Jersey

100% Cotton
Extra Soft and Cozy
Strong & Durable


2. High Comfort

LIFETOWN Jersey Knit Cotton Fitted Sheet

100% jersey cotton
Soft & Cozy
Extra Deep Pocket (15″)


3. Luxury Choice

Franco Kids Bedding Super Soft

100% heathered cotton jersey knit
Luxurious and Simple Style
Hidden Zipper


4. Snug and Fit

COSMOPLUS Fitted Sheet

Premium Microfiber Fabric
Snug Fit, Stretch-Fit, Wrinkle Free
For Any Mattress, Pocket depth (8-14″)


5. Soft, comfy fabric

Brielle Cotton Jersey Knit Sheet Set

100% Cotton Jersey
Soft, elasticized and breathable
Pocket depth (17″)


Jersey stretch ingenotoctothe sheets snuggle up to the skin and are extremely resilient. The elastic fabric is also ideal for people with sensitive skin and convinces in both summer and winter. In addition, the fabric jersey is completely iron-free and ensures a tidy picture of the bed even immediately after sleep. This means that jersey stretch sheets are an option for many people.

Best Jersey Knit Sheets Review

The good absorbency of the material is another, not inconsiderable plus point. Jersey bed sheets easily absorb a large amount of liquid and then pass it on to the mattress or mattress saver. This provides a better climate in bed and can further improve sleeping comfort. If you sweat a lot at night, you should always use Jersey stretch bed sheets, as these can already make a significant difference in sleeping comfort.

1. AmazonBasics Heather Cotton Jersey – Best Soft & Cotton Jersey Knit Sheets

AmazonBasics Heather Cotton Jersey
Product Information

General Impression

These sheets are all compared to a T-shirt. Why is that? Because they are insanely soft and at the same time really durable.

Cotton or knit is very cheap, so although the sheets combine different fillers (such as polyester), the sheets remain at an affordable price.

It is also important to note, that after washing the sheets do not lose their size due to the presence of a percentage of polyester fiber in it.

The design is very simple and concise, so it will suit absolutely any interior, but you will have to bother with the color. The dark color after a countless washes will become lighter. In addition, if you dry the sheets in the sun, the probability of burnout of the color of the sheets is very high.

Furthermore, because of  the presence of polyester fiber, the fabric becomes more stretching and durable.

Moreover, these sheets are suitable for absolutely all seasons. In summer – cool, in winter – warm.

Polyester plays a main role in thermoregulation.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Extra Soft and Cozy
All-Season Comfort
Variety of Colors
100% Cotton
There are 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and 2 pillowcases in the set
180 GSM fabric

Not all beds fit in size
Dark colors burn out in the sun

2. LIFETOWN Jersey Knit Cotton Fitted Sheet – Best Luxurious Jersey Knit Sheets

LIFETOWN Jersey Knit Cotton
Product Information

General Impression

These sheets look very luxurious not only in the picture, but also in live. Due to the use of matte color, sheets suits amazing to the interior. And it does not depend on the color. No matter the light color or dark, the sheets will still have a matte hue.

Also, the main feature of this product is the hidden zipper. It is very inconspicuous and very useful. In addition, it is insanely convenient to use. The main thing is to fasten it during washing, so as not to damage the fabric.

It should also be noted, that during washing set a cold mode. Do not bleach the sheets. Also, tumble dry with gentle cycle.
And if necessary, use a warm level of ironing. Moreover, a pretty nice bonus is the presence of two more pillowcases in the set.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Hidden Zipper
Extra Soft and Cozy
Matt Hue
100% Heathered Cotton Jersey Knit
There are 2 Pillow Shams and 1 Duvet Cover

Lots care rules

3. FOSSA Jersey Knit – Best soft, stretching and flexible sheet

FOSSA Jersey Knit
Product Information

General Impression

One of the main pros of this sheet is the large approach to many types and sizes. And even if you want to choose a certain size, the seller provides a table of available sizes.

Still very neat advantage of these sheets is a reverse thermoregulation. In winter they warm, and in summer on the contrary, cool.

Furthermore, due to these sheets are made of 40% polyester, they are very soft, stretching and flexible.

You can also wash as you used to do it usually. The sheets do not lose the size after washing.

However, it is better to stick to such advice, so as not to spoil the fabric:

  1. × The first one: machine wash cold with like colors;
  2. × The second one: only non-chlorine bleach when needed;
  3. × The third one: tumble dry low;
  4. × The fourth one: remove promptly from dryer.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Soft and Cozy
Variety of Sizes
All-Season Comfort
There are 1 flat sheet 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases (twin size includes 1 pillowcase)
100% cotton jersey knit
Flexible & Durable
Fits most mattress

Lack of bright colors
40% of polyester is not very good. The smaller the better, but it depends on the preferences

4. COSMOPLUS Fitted Sheet – Jersey Knit Sheets Queen

General Impression

COSMOPLUS Fitted Sheet
Product Information

The most interesting thing about these sheets is that they have a “night mode”. Due to improved air flow and moisture-resistance, the design allows your body to stay cool and relaxed throughout the night to wake up encouraging.

Also a very nice bonus is the availability of baby sizes for the bed and there are queen size jersey knit sheets.
In addition, there are still sheets for standard traditional mattresses, sheets for memory foam mattress.
In addition, this product is very stretching.

And because of this, fabric ironing very well and iron literally slides on the sheets leaving no trace. It is also important to note, that there are all universal colors available. So boldly choose what you like.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Night Mode
Snug Fit and Wrinkle Free
Versatile Colors and Sizing
Not only knit, but a microfiber fabric, too
Flexible & Durable
Suitable for traditional Mattress and Air Bed Mattress from 8″ up to 15″

Only Versatile Colors
Standard & Traditional Sizes

5. Brielle Cotton Jersey Knit – Best Breathable and Jersey Knit Sheets King Deep Pocket

Brielle Jersey Knit
Product Information

General Impression

The main difference is that this sheet is made of natural cotton. It smells very fresh. Besides, the sheets are very soft. You will not be disappointed with its quality.

However, the complexity can arise with its snare care. Also, the sheets are not very strong, so you need to wash on a soft mode and in a cold water.

By size, fully elasticized fitted sheet is designed to hug your mattress from 15 inches deep, up to 20 inches deep. These are deep pocket jersey knit sheets standard parameters.

Pillowcases are not included in this set.
Wrinkle-resistant for a long-wearing, smooth look.
Sleep naked, sweet dream are guaranteed on this ultra soft breathable fitted sheet.

Best Features

Pros Cons

Fresh Smell
100% Cotton Jersey
Flexible & Durable
Size dimension: 60”Wx80L”
Mattress from 15 inches deep, up to 17 inches deep

Not really Easy Care
Without Pillow Cases and Flat Sheets
4Standard & Traditional Sizes

Best Jersey Knit Sheets – Buyer’s Guide

What Are The Best Jersey Knit Sheets?

The sheets play an important role in sleeping comfort. They should be soft and cozy, warm in winter and transport the temperature as well as possible in summer. In addition, bed sheets must absorb and dissipate the moisture generated at night.

Jersey stretch sheets in particular are very popular and are available in many formats and sizes. If you want to buy new jersey bed sheets, you should first inform yourself about the different designs and the properties of the material.

Jersey stretch bed sheets: What are the advantages of this in comparison?

Single Jersey & Interlock Jersey

cotton jersey knit sheetsJersey stretch ingenoseries are available in two different versions. These are referred to as «single jersey» and «interlock jersey» and describe the processing of the target jersey knit sheets. While single Jersey is particularly light and therefore can be used optimally for the warm season, the Interlock Jersey is much thicker and denser in its structure. In addition, these Jersey bed sheets are noticeably warmer and keep the heat for a longer period of time. Interlock jersey bed sheets are therefore particularly suitable for the cold season and can quickly look too warm in summer.

There are hardly any limits to the colour scheme of the Jersey. Also, you can easily find Jersey stretch sheets suitable for every bed linen, which can fit harmoniously into the overall picture.

Another important point is the elastic band of the Jersey-Spannbedsheets. Pay particular attention to an all-round elastic, as this can safely prevent the bed sheets from slipping. A non-fully circeaching elastic band can quickly become a problem when you sleep rough, if you have to re-draw the jersey bed sheet over and over again. It is well worth investing a little more money in sensible and high-quality Jersey bed sheets, as these can be used over a long period of time due to their very good workmanship and material quality.

Furthermore, make sure that the Jersey bed sheets are the correct size. These are available for both small and large mattresses and double mattresses and can therefore be easily adapted to any bed and every bed design. This means that you do not have to do without the comfort of the Jersey stretch bed sheets in any bed.

How to Wash Jersey Knit Sheets

It is advisable if you can wash the Jersey bed sheets at about 60 degrees in the washing machine. In addition, it makes sense if the white sheets are iron-free. This makes handling much easier. Also, the size of the bed sheet should not be forgotten. So you should align them with the size of the mattress. It is also important to note that the Jersey clamping bed sheet can absorb the moisture well. This is important to ensure a high level of comfort when sleeping.

Similarly, breathability should not be forgotten. This, too, should be sufficiently given. Next, it is advisable to choose the right design. You can find the Jersey stretch ingesnithed sheets in different colours, so that you can adapt them perfectly to the bed linen. In addition, it is advisable to rely on a high-quality elastic band, which includes the complete bed sheet. In this way, a secure hold is ensured.

With a Jersey stretch bed sheet you feel like you are in heaven and sink relaxed into the fragrant covers. Due to the elastane content, the easy-care bed sheets have an excellent fit.

cotton jersey knit sheets

How to Fold Jersey Knit Sheets

Spread the stretcher on the surface so that the shorter end is in front of you (bed sheets must point with the open side up to you).

Turn the lower corners of the bed sheet so that the outside comes inwards (turn left) and place the flipped corners flat on the table. Place the turned corners in the corners above each other (attention: seam should lie on seam and the lower corners should be at the end above).

Grasp the top-lying corners and shake out bed sheets briefly, then smooth on the underlay. Fold the side facing you upwards to about one third of the total height, smooth the bedcloth and repeat at the top of the stretchbed sheet (down).

Fold the elongated stretcher cloth twice and then smooth it out. Above all, you should pay attention to the size and the material when buying the Jersey clamping bed sheet. In addition, it is important to rely on a high-quality elastic band that promises a secure grip.

Best rated Jersey Knit Sheets

Jersey Clamping Bed Sheets – Advantages and Disadvantages

The positive and negative properties of Jersey stretch ingess essays are explained here.

Pros and cons of Jersey bed sheets are:

Pros Cons

Easy to Use
Variable Sizes
High Comfort
Different Designs
Different Structures
Suitable for Summer and Winter
Good Breathability
Easy to Care
Safe Hold
Very Elastic

Not all models fit on every mattress
Some products are not 100% cotton

Whether in summer or winter. With the right structure, you can almost always sit on the Jersey stretch bed sheets and sleep comfortably. You can find these sheets in different sizes, so that they fit on any mattress, for example, jersey knit sheets king. If you pay attention to the design and the material when buying, you cannot make any mistakes.

Which Clamping Bed Sheet Is Suitable for You?

In search of a new stretch bed sheet for your mattress, you will find a more than versatile offer in retail. Here we provide you with a list of important criteria that you can consider when selecting.

  • Material

Whether Jersey, cotton, terry, microfiber, beaver or polyester – you have the choice. If you are looking for a cheap stretch bed sheet for the summer, you are right with a model made of microfiber or polyester. Really cuddly soft and warming in the cold season, on the other hand, are the stretch bed sheets made of beaver or terry for your bed. If you are looking for a stretch bed sheet that you can use all year round, the handle to a cotton or jersey sheet is recommended.

A shiny and a pleasantly cool surface also offers you the material satin, which is also available in retail as a stretch bed sheet.

  • Which material is the best?

target jersey knit sheetsWe cannot recommend the best material, as the taste for the individual sleeping feeling here is very different. If you want to sleep winter and summer on the same fabric, Jersey is a good choice. If you can easily fry, a beaver or terry sheet is also suitable. If you are easy to sweat, substances such as microfiber or satin are recommended.

Due to the high cotton content, the fabrics are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers or neurodermatitis. The breathable fabric is temperature-regulating and prevents sweating in the heat.

In practice, the Jersey stretcher can be easily clamped thanks to its great elasticity. The corners are rounded and thus sit wrinkle-free on the mattress.

In case of contamination, the clamping bed sheet can be easily peeled off and cleaned in the washing machine at up to 60°C. For this purpose, we subjected the clamping bed sheet to five wash cycles in the test and then checked for frayed seams. The test result provided further positive experiences, as all material components remained intact.

All in all, the clamping bed sheet is of high quality and made with thick fabric. Elasticity and cleaning are also convincing.

  • Cotton (Jersey)

The classic. Most people use cotton bed sheets and stretch sheets. These usually consist of Jersey or wool blend fabrics. By the way, the name probably comes from the largest and most famous of the Channel Islands, the island of Jersey. In 1879, the Englishwoman Lillie Langtry cut a costume made of wool Jersey.

Jersey bed sheets are popular because they feel soft, shape-resistant and iron-free. Overall, cotton is very easy to care for, can be washed at 60° and offers good breathability. Cotton sheets can be used so well all year round.


  • №1 Whether these sheets fit well?

Very often ask questions about whether these sheets fit well for an adjustable bed. I can say with confidence that the material stretches well and the sheets will not be damaged.

  • №2 What about all-seasons comfort?

Also sheets are suitable for any season. You will not feel hot during sleep on them in the summer, and will not feel cold in winter. Of course, if the temperature in the room will be too high or vice versa, it is not avoidable.

  • №3 What is better Microfiber Fabric or Knit Fabric

jersey knit sheets kingThere are also a lot of interesting opinions and questions about what is better Microfiber Fabric or Knit Fabric. Of course, it all depends on your preferences.

What about Knit Fabric? Water absorption is the main pros. The fabric of natural fiber is good at diverting moisture. That is why these fabric are in demand in the hot season. Easy care and hypoallergenicity are essential aspects, too. Products from this fabric are able to transfer a lot of washes without loss for the quality of the product, it is easy to iron and can even be bleached. In addition, the goods of 100% cotton do not cause allergies. There are not so many cons, so the first one is a penchant for burnout. Unfortunately, knit fabric has the ability to burn out in the sun. The second one is shrink after washing. Therefore, many prefer not 100% cotton, and knit with the addition of synthetic impurities.

As for Microfiber Fabric, it leaves no fibers behind, does not shed, does not roll off. In addition, liquids do not penetrate inside the fiber and this fabric absorbs much more water than regular tissue. It also dries quickly after washing. Despite of advantages, there are some significant disadvantages like inadvisibling to battery-power, iron or heat-treat. Furthermore, after accumulating enough fat in the Microfiber Fabric, it completely loses the ability to absorb water.

If you choose sheets by softness, it is definitely better to take a knit sheets.

  • №4 Is sheets need to be ironed before use?

It is no need to be ironed, the sheets set are made of stretch knitted Jersey fabric, so after you put it on to the mattress, crinkles will disappeared.


Hence, when you choose best Jersey Knit Sheets, you should pay attention to their size, so that the sheets do not fidget on the bed. In addition, the softness and durability of the sheet determines the ratio of cotton and polyester fabric. It is also important to adjust the washing mode correctly. The color of sheets is an essential point, too. For example, dark colors are easier to clean, but light ones do not lose their brightness during countless washes.

Good luck with your choice!